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What usually comes in your mind when you hear the word office? Work, boss, canteen, workload, hectic schedule, back pains, office chairs? Well, offices are like second homes to most of the people working there, and what if you’re not quite comfortable in that space, dealing with workload and also with severe back or neck problems? 

An office must have a proper working environment for its employees as well as for visitors, from positive work culture to healthy competition, to taking care of basic amenities and office furniture, . Office furniture is very necessary for deciding the overall look of an office and out of which is extremely important and basic is an office chair.

Office chairs are a necessity of every office. From a boss to an employee, from a receptionist to a visitor. These chairs also decide the comfortable level of an employee. A  cool, comfortable chair will provide your employee's satisfaction and ease while working, they'll be less prone to any postural defect caused by long working hours and back pain or neck pain, etc. therefore, we here provide you a list of the variety of best office chairs - 

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Innodesk Brands ergonomic Office chairs-

This chair takes care of your back very well. It is specially designed for this purpose. It has a back supporter arched in the shape of your back to provide support to your spine. It is black in color and H-41.33 * W-24.8 * D-25.19 and has a seating height of 25.19 inches, weighs around 16kgs.another best feature of this Alba ergonomic chair is its adjustable arm. You can adjust its armrest according to your ease and comfort.


Innodesk Black ergonomic chair-

This chair from Star India provides the best quality fabric chair for office purposes. it not only comes with an adjustable arm but also with a neck supporter which keeps your spinal cord firm and reduces the chances of spondylitis or neck pain issues. It has a seating height of 18-21 inches and weighs 18kgs. It has a warranty period of 12 months and is one of the most widely purchased chairs for office use.


Innodesk ergonomic chair-

Tired of seeing those same black colored office executive chairs? Well, then you might like this Drape ergonomic chair in brown color from Workspace Interior. It is quite stylish in appearance and super comfortable at the same time, made up of Leatherette. It has H-45-49* W-26 * D-24 and has a seating height of 18-22 inches with 12 months warranty at reasonable prices. 


Innodesk Office iconic chair-

These chairs come in a vast variety of colors like green, grey, yellow, brown, black, etc. these are very popular in demand because of its modern look that is appealing to the eye and creates a new, fresh look at your office. These chairs can be used in visiting areas, receptions, and canteens. These are the products of the Workspace Interior. It has a carpenter assembly and the material used is leatherette. These chairs have a seating height of 18 inches and weigh 4.5kgs. It enhances the ambiance of your workplace giving it an elegant and modern look, that too, within a pocket-friendly budget.


Best Innodesk Ergonomic Chair for Office-

This one is in grey color and looks super classy. It also comes in various other colors too. It has an H-33-38 * W-22 * D-18 inches and a seating area of 21 inches. It weighs 12.5 kgs. It's one of the best features is its umbrella-shaped base which provides it great stability and movement and it back supports. It is fabric in nature and comes with a 12-month warranty. This Cleo ergonomic chair is ideal for desk work for your office. 


Best Innodesk Office chair-

This one is provided by Oblique, the material used is fabric. It also has an umbrella-shaped base with wheels making it easier to rotate or move. It is present with a cushioned back helpful for back and shoulder support. It has H of 37.5 inches, W of 22 inches, and D of 23 inches, with a seating height of about 21 inches. Comes with a year's warranty. This Silverline ergonomic chair is mostly in demand because of its appearance and comfort.


These were some of the best office chairs recommended by us, keeping in mind points such as comfort, elegant appearance, popularly in demand and cost-effective it takes care of the needs of an employee and gives them the right working environment, to be comfortable and free of these back pain and neck pain related problems. We hope you like these chairs and find a perfect match for your needs and expectations too at reasonable rates. 

Remember working would be easy, provided the best tools. 

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