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Ryder Office Chairs by Innodesk

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Ryder MB Eco.jpg
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Ryder Series Office Chair by Innodesk.
Office Chair Ryder available for Task and workstation chairs, Executive chair with head rest option and Visitor chairs
Ryder Series office chairs comes by default with ergonomic features like 
Adjustable lumbar support
Single point synchro mechanism
Adjustable arm rest for Ryder MB and Ryder HB and fixed arm rest for Ryder Eco
Heavy duty hydraulic, base and wheels
ABS layer under seat for extra safety
Ryder HB (High Back) comes with adjustable head rest 
All chairs available with 
Option of Chrome or Nylon base, Multi point adjustable back lock
Ryder VC visitor chair comes with fixed arms
Heavy duty Metal base 
Ryder Executive chair comes with extra features like 3 way adjustable arms, multi point back lock system, Aluminium base 
Also available in different fabric colors for seating for bulk orders

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