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Open Office Furniture - the way to go...

Open space offices are dynamic, because employees & managers create better relationships and work as a team. Results are great- Lower costs, better floor efficiency and increased Productivity… The original idea of open space office was designed back in 1950 by a team in Hamburg, who thought that this would ease communication between employees. Today, about 70% of all working areas have adopted this trend and its growing rapidly Staff Advantages A lack of walls or other physical barriers in open-plan office spaces makes it easier for employees to interact with each other on a regular basis. The constant intermingling not only generates a sense of camaraderie among personnel, it also enhances the flow of information and teamwork. Colleagues can turn to each other for advice or assistance without having to knock on doors or schedule a formal meeting. Interactions in an open-plan office space generally are more frequent and informal than in closed environments where everyone has a separate office space.

Business Advantages The increased collaboration resulting from an open-plan work space can lead to business innovation and advancement. At the same time, an open-plan layout can benefit the business ec