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Tips on choosing the right Office Chair

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for office furniture for your company or your home-based business, the importance of choosing a good quality office chair cannot be overlooked. Not only will this ensure that you and your workforce are comfortable, but it can protect your health while also boosting productivity levels. So, what makes a good office chair? Here are some top tips on selecting the best one.

The seat needs to fit you for the backrest to work

If the seat is too high or the seat pan is too large, you may be exposed to static loading. This is because you are not able to adjust the back correctly. This often results in the person leaning forward, rather than sitting against the backrest. This can cause damage because it presses the spine out of the natural curve, which puts pressure on the discs.

Choose breathable upholstery

A lot of people ignore the upholstery when shopping for office chairs. However, this is another vital element. If you are going to be sitting on the chair all day, you need to make sure that the fabric is comfortable to touch. You don’t want something that is going to cause your body to overheat or something that is itchy or abrasive. Look for breathable upholstery when shopping.

Your chair needs to be adjustable

All office chairs need to be adjustable, in all directions. The seat must tilt forward and back, as well as being able to adjust up and down. This is vital if you are going to maintain correct posture when you are sitting all day long.

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